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      PCB Design

      This is the first and key step to realize your idea. we have experienced hardware engineers who can understand your requirement and make it in the Gerber file.

      • PCB Design

        Arduino and Raspberry Pi related ODM Design, including Schematics and PCB layout
      PCB Manufacturing

      Elecrow PCB service is fast, various and affordable, recognized by more than 20,000 electronic engineers

      We have Other Premium, like HID PCB, High Frequency PCB etc.

      PCB Assembly

      Elecrow PCBA service is competitive, flexible(both sample and massive order can be processed) and high quality. We have professional sales who will follow up your project all alone.

      Drop Shipping

      We can deliver the goods directly to your end customers for your Kickstarter project, Tindie and other e-commerce platform without our information. It’s efficient and cost saving. Currently, Drop Shipping is only for our PCBA customers.